Vario Helicopter

Radio Controlled Model Helicopters

Nicolas Aubert

What is your favorite engine?
My favourite engine is the Jakadofsky turbine.

Which RC system do you use?
I use Futaba FX 30 and my next radio will be Futaba FX 32.

What is your favorite Vario model and why?
My favourite Vario helicopter is the Big lama Vario Turbine because it is easy to fly, easy to transport and it can fly in all wind conditions, you can also scale it with maximum details.

Which models of Vario have you been possessing or flown so far?
I started to fly 25 years ago with a skyfox evolution S. I have flown also many Vario scale helicopters. My first scale machine was a Bell 222 in glowplug motor. Then I had many others like Bell UH 1D, Tiger, Ecureuil AS 350, Daulphin, EC 145, Bell 222, Alouette 2. I use to build many Vario models for my customers.

How long have you been a helicopter pilot?
I fly RC helicopters since 22 years. I'm also a professional helicopter pilot and instructor in R22, R44 and Ecureuil AS 350 (Ba , B1 and B2). I project to fly in a 355 helicopter in a few months and to continue to fly with passion.

Which events do you plan to attend this year (2016)?
In 2016: Open day Vario 2016, JetPower 2016, Bolonia Meeting (in Vario Italy), many French meetings like in Cuges-les-pins 2016, Regusse 2016, Roquebrune sur Argent 2016, Pau 2016 etc ...).