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Benzin-Trainer with Motor/Silencer, Flybarless



Our aim was to produce a flying mechanical system with two-stage reduction gearbox, able to exploit the full power of a petrol engine. Excellent flight handling in every situation was also required.
The result is the VARIO Petrol Trainer, with a reduction ratio of 9.1 : 1.

This mechanical arrangement is an excellent choice for installation in any full fuselage helicopter. Particularly good-looking models include the Hughes 500, the Ecureuil and the Jet Ranger, whose size makes them perfect for this power system.

The agile Petrol Trainer is designed for the 23 cc Zenoah engine, with integral cooling fan. This engine has been specially modified to suit the VARIO Petrol Trainer and Petrol Mechanics. The engine produces its maximum power at a speed of around 9,500 - 10,500 rpm. Fuel required is an oil/petrol mixture of 1 : 40. The petrol engine features an integral pull-cord starter and cooling fan, which draws cooling air precisely over the cylinder head.
The model is supplied in kit-form, i.e. not assembled.

This version is supplied with a Flybarless rotorhead

Kit Ord.No. 8330

  • 8301 // Benin Trainer
  • 1023 // Motor
  • 116/95 // Silencer

Technical Data

Length 1460 mm
Width 200 mm
Height 520 mm
Rotor 1780 mm
Motor 23 qcm
Weight 7,3 kg