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8311 // Benzin Trainer including motor and silencer


8311 // Benzin Trainer including motor and silencer

Model helicopters are now employed increasingly for industrial tasks, e.g. for aerial photography using still and video cameras. Our petrol trainer with 1780 mm rotor diameter is an excellent choice for such special purposes. It is a very reliable helicopter that has sold many hundreds of units. It is known for been very robust and easy to maintain. Vario uses a 23cc petrol engine, as this is the best choice for good power with low vibration.

Length. 1460mm
Width. 200mm
Height. 520mm
Rotor diameter. 1780mm
Motor. 23cc petrol, 2 stroke
Weight without payload. 7,3kg
Payload weight. 4kg

Kit Ord.No. 8311

  • 8301 // Benzin Trainer
  • 1023 // Motor
  • 116/95 // Schalldämpferanlage

Technical Data

Length 1460 mm
Width 200 mm
Height 520 mm
Rotor 1780 mm
Motor 23 qcm
Weight 7,3 kg