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Elektrotrainer Joule



Vario’s new electric trainer, Joule, is a perfect combination of form, functionality
and “Varioability!” Whether your focus is power, customization or ease of
operation, Joule is the heli for you.
Joule’s modern design with proven technology is a rugged and powerful 800
pod and boom helicopter, with easily accessible components allowing enhanced
fuse and configuration customization.
Joule’s highly stable, precise, right-handed mechanics, including a stainless
steel tube drive system, is suitable for a wide range of pilot skills and personalities.
Joules drive-train supports a 10S setup for normal and high precision aerobatics,
while a 12 S setup is perfect for enhanced entry-level control. In both variants,
the drive batteries are easily accessible as bottom-plate mounted „saddle
packs”, providing fast, efficient, single-handed battery replacement without
having to remove the canopy. Joule also supports 5 and 6S packs which are
supported by most common battery chargers.


Bausatz Ord.No. 8370

  • E-Trainer

Technische Daten

Length 1670 mm
Width 200 mm
Height 520 mm
RotorØ 1780 mm
Weight 6,1 Kg