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Lama SA 315 B

Fuselage Kit //
Turbine Jakadofsky PRO EDITION / PRO 5000

The helicopter shown is fitted with optional scale accessories. Pilot Burkhard Prayer.


Build plan 3400
Build plan 3401

Lama SA 315 B

India‘s demand for a powerful helicopter for flights in the Himalayas and the similar needs of the South African Air Force for use in the Andes, led to the development of Aérospatiale SA 315. Our turbine powered version of this popular helicopter has a large 2.5m rotor diameter and looks very impressive in flight.

Fuselage Ord.No. 3400/3401

  • Stainless steel fuselage parts
  • GFK cabin
  • Window set
  • Stainless steel tube drive to tail incl. mountings
  • Landing gear
  • Dom and swashplate guide
  • Various small parts

Technical Data

Scale 1:5,6
Length 2400 mm
Width 360 mm
Height 835 mm
Rotor 2500 mm
Motor Jet
Weight ca. 19 kg