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Turbine mechanics (turbine top mount)


Turbine mechanics (turbine top mount)

These mechanical systems can be fitted to all VARIO model helicopters which are designed for the JetCat PHT3-3. They provide the appropriate type of transmission suitable for the three-blade and four-blade variants of our large models, i.e. they generate the low rotor speeds which these models require. These systems also ensure that the turbine power stated in the technical data sheets is actually transmitted.

A major advantage of this design is that the transmission can be tailored accurately to each application by selecting a clutch bell with the appropriate number of teeth.

The default rotating direction is LH. Assembling a RH version requires minor additional effort.

The choice of turbine and the number of teeth on the clutch can be found in the following table, which lists suitable applications.

  • Pro Edition - Rotor speed at 93,000 rpm
  • 25-tooth - 841 rpm
  • 26-tooth - 875 rpm
  • 27-tooth - 908 rpm
  • Turbine mechanics excl. servos, excl. turbine
  • Pro 5000 Rotor speed at 98.000 U/min.
  • Z. 24 - 851 rpm. - 4-Blade Ø 2300 mm
  • Z. 25 - 886 rpm. - 3-Blade Ø 2300 mm
  • Z. 26 - 922 rpm. - 2-Blade Ø 2360 mm
  • Z. 27 - 957 rpm. - 2-Blade Ø 2360 mm
  • Turbine mechanics excl. servos, excl. turbine

Information and source for these turbines: stating the tooth-count of the clutch you require.
The mechanics is supplied in kit-form, i.e. not assembled.

Bausatz Ord.No. 1002/68

  • Mechanics

Technische Daten

25 teeth 841 rpm
26 teeth 875 rpm
27 teeth 908 rpm