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Bell 47 G III

Fuselage Kit // Petrol

The helicopter shown is fitted with optional scale accessories.


Build plan

Bell 47 G III

The Bell 47 helicopter is a classic, of which there are many types that are still flown today. We decided to use the G III, a 3-seater version.

The engine is located behind the cabin in order to allow a full cockpit interior to be fitted. The complete tail section can be removed (5 bolts) to aid transportation.


Here an video of a Bell 47 GIII:

Fuselage Ord.No. 4700

  • 10-piece GFK fuselage
  • Stainless steel lattice fuselage, 4 parts
  • Cabin
  • Scale landing gear
  • Tail push rod control
  • Stainless steel tube drive to tail incl. mountings
  • Various small parts

Technical Data

Scale 1:4,1
Length 2370 mm
Width 550 mm
Height 760 mm
Rotor 2360 mm
Motor 23 qcm
Weight ca. 13,5 kg