Vario Helicopter

Radio Controlled Model Helicopters


Petrol Mechanics // Fenestron // 9,09:1


Petrol Mechanics Fenestron

Because of the gear ratio of 9.09 : 1, the noise level is at a minimum, even though the rotor diameter is 1680 mm. This also results in a higher RPM of the fenestron. Do not exceed the permitted rotor rpm of 1350 (this equals to approximately 7500 rpm of the fenestron). Don‘t get fooled by the low operating noise, it is just hiding the actual rpm.

Kit Ord.No. 1002/25

  • Mechanics
  • Swashplate
  • Swashplate linkage
  • Rotor head
  • Fenestron
  • Motor not included

Technical Data

Gear ratio 9,09 : 1
Rotation direction left-hand