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Mechanics set Sky Fox 10 : 1


Mechanics set Sky Fox 10 : 1

Complementary accessories - such as various rotor heads, matching rotor shafts varying according to the dome height of the fuselage in question - form the ideal starting point for every scale helicopter modeller.
All of the motors illustrated in the catalogue are suitable for installation in Sky Fox mechanics. The only exceptions are the petrol engines, 15 cc motors and rear-exhaust motors.
If you wish to install the mechanics of an existing Sky Fox trainer helicopter in a full-fuselage machine, you may need to modify the clutch if it is made of GRP. You should also check the number of teeth on the existing clutch, and change it and the main gear if necessary to obtain the desired reduction ratio of of 10 : 1 or 11.6 : 1.
Mechanics brackets Ord.No. 4/5 are included, to screw the base plate to the fuselage.
We do not recommend the use of a driven tail rotor for auto-rotation in a full-fuselage helicopter. A driven tail rotor absorbs extra power, and since the excess power is not available, the result can be a failed landing. This is particularly regrettable if it happens to a complex scale model representing many hours of work.
The difference between the two Sky Fox mechanical systems is the reduction ratio, i.e. the clutch and main gear have different numbers of teeth.

    1002/19 - reduction ratio 10 : 1
  • 22-tooth clutch
  • 55-tooth main gear
  • For use in models with a rotor diameter of up to 1 630 mm

The mechanics is supplied in kit-form, i.e. not assembled.

Bausatz Ord.No. 1002/19

  • Mechanics
  • Swashplate
  • swashplate linkage
  • Clutch
  • Tail Rotor Blades
  • Tail Rotor
  • Tank

Technical Data

Reduction ratio 10:1
Clutch 22 Zähne
Main Gear 55 Zähne
Rotor up to 1630 mm