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Radio Controlled Model Helicopters

Robinson R22

Fuselage Kit // Petrol

The helicopter shown is fitted with optional scale accessories.


Build plan

R 22

In this new version of our popular R22 we have used the mechanics from our Bell 47. This has moved the motor rearward allowing us to remove the cooling hole at the front of the cockpit. It also allows for the installation of a cockpit. Batteries etc can be mounted under the cockpit floor.

Fuselage Ord.No. 7022

  • 10-piece GFK fuselage
  • Stainless Steel frame
  • Window set, tinted
  • Stainless Steel tube drive to tail incl. mountings
  • Landing gear skids
  • Laser cut wood formers
  • Various small parts

Technical Data

Scale 1:3,5
Length 1820 mm
Width 330 mm
Height 800 mm
Rotor 2160 mm
Motor 23 qcm
Weight ca. 12 kg