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Ord.No.1002/15 // e-power-Mechanics Sky Fox for 10 mm main shaft

Technische Ă„nderungen vorbehalten!

e-power-Mechanics Sky Fox

These are the electric Skyfox mechanics which are used with one of the following conversion sets for the required gear ratio.

Mechanics excludes motor, motor mount, and motor gears...see below.

Following the trend for electric models, Vario have produced an electric conversion set for the popular Skyfox mechanics. The set comprises of motor mount, gears, motor, and speed controller. There are three different sets available depending on the gear ratio required.

Part # 3312 for rotor diameter 1800mm, 2 blade.

Part # 3313 for rotor diameter 1680mm, multi blade

Part # 3314 for rotor diameter 1500mm, 2 blade


  • Mechanics
  • Swashplate
  • Swashplate linkage
  • Tail Rotor Blades
  • Tail Rotor
  • Building Plan

Technische Daten

Main Shaft Ă˜ 10 mm
Rotation lefthanded

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