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Mechanics set X-Treme with Fenestron


Mechanics set X-Treme with Fenestron

This left-hand rotation X-Treme Fenestron mechanical system is designed exclusively for use in the EC 135.
Please note that all Fenestron models are designed to be flown exclusively with multi-blade rotor heads, as featured by the corresponding full-size helicopters, and in this form they have been tested extensively. We cannot imagine any valid reason for testing the system with any other combinations than those stated here, and for this reason we are unable to comment on any versions which deviate from our recommendations. This also applies to the recommended Motor Set. All our test flights have been carried out using the 11.5 cc Rossi motor, and the good results we have obtained are reason enough to recommend it fully.
This mechanical system is supplied complete with Fenestron and 4-bladed rotor head, and the reduction ratio is carefully selected for use in the EC 135. Just select the appropriate rotor shaft and rotor head pushrods to suit the full-fuselage model you are building, i.e. to match its dome height.

    Mechanics set X-Treme
  • reduction ratio 10.2 : 1
  • left-hand rotation
  • excl. motor

The mechanics is supplied in kit-form, i.e. not assembled.

Bausatz Ord.No. 1002/8

  • Mechanics
  • Fenestron
  • Swashplate
  • Swashplate linkage
  • 4-blade rotor head
  • Swashplate driver
  • Tank

Technical Data

Rotation left handed
reduction ratio 10,2:1