Vario Helicopter

Radio Controlled Model Helicopters

Laurent Gras

What is your favorite engine?

I like working with Kontronik motors. One of my best and most frequently used motor is the Pyro 800 which is very powerful and efficient. I also use turbines from JetCat and Jakadofsky which are efficient and reliable.

Which RC system do you use?

I use the Futaba system wich for me is the most efficient and powerful rc system.

What is your favorite Vario model and why?

My favourite model is the Alouette / lama - a very solid and strong machine. The build is relatively easy and fast. Here in Switzerland, it remains the best helicopter for rescues in mountains etc. - it is part of my live because I live in Switzerland where you spot a lot of helicopters of that type.

Which models of Vario have you been possessing or flown so far?

I have already flown various Vario models, for example the lama, the Alouette II turbine version, the Ecureuil turbine version, the Bell 430 turbine version, the Bell 212 turbine version, the Robinson R22, the Dauphin etc.
I am lucky to build numerous Vario models since I'm doing this already for 10 years for my company - - which gave me the opportunity to follow the development of all the technologies used in our rc helicopters.

Which is your favorite fly-in?

the Vario Event

How long have you been a helicopter pilot?

for 28 years

Which events do you plan to attend this year (2016)?

For 2016:
ROTOR live, Vario Event, JetPower, Héli-Divonne symposium, Symposium Schüpfeim Schweiz, Symposium héli-Jura Vicques Switzerland.