Vario Helicopter

Radio Controlled Model Helicopters

Invitation to the Vario Event 2017

Are you in the mood to meet nice people, see high class helicopters, breath in the smell of kerosene in the air !! then you should be visiting us in Gräfendorf around one hour away from Frankfurt.

On Saturday the 27th May 2017 we welcome you to the Vario Event 2017 and are planning to guarantee you a wonderful day among similar like minded people.

We have the following suggestions for our friends from abroad who want to visit the Vario event:

Why not a little RC heli holiday in Germany around the time of this event?

Food & more


Food will be available to purchase. Also sandwiches and fabulous cakes, as well as drinks will be available. All the food is freshly prepared by the ladies from the local Christian church in Gräfendorf. All proceeds go to the local community.

Pottery workshops

for children and pottery with Mrs. Ursula Leithmann from Gräfendorf

Weinbau Köhler

with his Franconian red & white wines

Fischgut Seewiese

The neighbours of Vario Helicopter, the trout farm “Seewiese” have their Day of Open Door at the same time as our Vario Event.
Fish specialties, grilled food, guided tours & children‘s programs will be offered. It is the oldest trout hatchery in Germany and is known for its cold water breeding.

Flight show

A variety of model helicopters from Vario will be shown in flight. International pilots will be demonstrating their Vario helicopters. You can see firsthand the new products which were made available during the last year.

Commentary during the flights will be given by Matthias Tranziska.

Semi-scale heli exhibition

Each year, Scale helicopter enthusiasts can bring their scale models to enter the static scale competition. Vario provides tables so the models can be setup so visitors can admire the fantastic workmanship. The competition is a very relaxed affair, and it allows like minded enthusiasts to discuss their models and techniques. 

Entry into the competition is free; please fill out this form and bring it with you to the event. 

Please send the completed form to Vario before the event - ideally by email: 

Competition details

Ideally, delivery of the models should be between 8am and 9:30am. This allows you to unload your model(s) before it gets too busy. After unloading your car, we ask you to use the allocated car parking which is provided. This keeps the area around Vario free for the public and exhibitors.

Instead of an "Oscar", each participant will receive a small and practical item for entering the competition.

All entrants who bring Vario Helicopters will be entered into a raffle.

The best built model in the opinion of the judges will be rewarded with a prize.


10% discount

…is offered on all Vario purchases (except electronics) during the Open Day! During the day payment can also be made by debit / credit card. If possible, please reserve your order in the weeks before the event, this way the waiting times can be kept short.