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Flight trainings

Dates for 2016 - flight instruction at Vario’s own airfield on the company premises

Flight training no. 1:

Training with Reto Marbach. From 02nd - 04th of May.  3 day of flight school and setup service. Everything the heart desires, to bring you closer to your hobby. For prices and to vote for teaching content and registration, contact Reto Marbach at

Flight training no. 2:

RC flight training for all skill levels with Tobias Wilhelm - with his professional and pleasant approach, he is one of the best instructors in Germany.
Training Helis: Raptor E700 and CORE 700

Dates for 2016:

6. & 20. May
3. & 17. Juni
1., 15. & 29. July
12. & 26. August

All further information and booking (possible by online payment through Paypal or alternatively with cash at Vario) here:

Flight training no. 3:

Tandem- "Flight training" with the Vario Chinook with Vario Team pilots Peter Holtackers and Stefan Reusch. Here you will get a unique opportunity: get to know the fun and surprisingly simple to fly Chinook! Have you ever been curious and wanted to learn how to fly a Chinook? Here it is, built and calibrated. You will receive specialized training during flight using a teacher-student approach. We can promise you, that you will be surely delighted! Training costs 35 € per participant (no beginners, we recommend the flight training with Tobias Wilhelm for beginners), 2 rounds of 8 minutes, including a kebab for lunch. For 2-5 participants. You can fly the Chinook on Friday, 04/08/2016, from 11 AM to about 4 PM. Register by sending an email to:

Flight training no. 4:

In summer, we have the model flying school Pöting,, on our premises. He will bring you quickly and surely to your personal learning goals. It is immaterial whether they are beginners who want to learn aerobatics or inverted flight or even want to go to the high school of scale aviation.

Bernd Pöting has many different models for this purpose with him. If there is no technical problem, he can also train you with your own model. Scheduled dates : June 27 to 29 and 25 to 27 July 2016.

More info and registrations directly :

… and buddy boxing in 2016:

Buddy boxing takes place for the fourth time at Vario on the day before the event. At the start, there are 2 large models and two experienced RC pilots. Please send your registration to There are slots of 30 minutes allocated between 12 and 6 pm, where you can ask questions about the particulars of turbine helicopters and are then allowed to fly a real turbine heli. Registrations accepted only from already experienced pilots, the minimum requirement is to be able to hover a trainer heli.If you have already done it before, but want to fly again, you are always welcome to do it. In this case, the half an hour flight costs 35 euros. Please mention your address and also date of birth during the registration.