Vario Helicopter

Radio Controlled Model Helicopters

Mark Smith


What is your favorite engine?

Jet Cat PHT 3-3

Which RC system do you use?

Futaba 18MZ

What is your favorite Vario model and why?

Vario Bell 47 G III - It flies like a trainer and looks great in the air.


Which models of Vario have you been possessing or flown so far?

1/4 Jet Ranger (electric), 1/6 BO 105 (electric), Bell 47 G III (electric and gas), 1/4 EC 135 (electric), UH 1 D (turbine), 500 E (electric), UH 1 D (gas), 1/4 300 C (gas), 1/4 500 Dm (gas), Bell 222 (gas), Carbon Air Wolf (gas), Sky Fox (electric), Benzin (gas and electric)


Which is your favorite fly-in?

Dalton scale event Dalton GA

How long have you been a helicopter pilot?

29 years R/C helicopters


Which events do you plan to attend this year?

2016 US NATS IRCHA Dalton Scale event Dalton GA