Vario Helicopter

Radio Controlled Model Helicopters

Gonzalo Martinez


What is your favorite engine?

Jakadosky Pro 500


Which RC system do you use?

Spektrum DX18 with telemetry


What is your favorite Vario model and why?

Vario turbine large Lama. She flies like a dream!!!


Which models of Vario have you been possessing or flown so far?

Ambulance Bell 230 (electric), Fire Fighter Bell 412 (petrol), Military Kiowa (turbine), Air Rescue Lama 315B (turbine) and Military AH-1Y Cobra (electric)


Which is your favorite fly-in?

Helicopter Scale Masters in California


How long have you been a helicopter pilot?

16 years for R/C helicopters and about 8 months for a full size helicopter


Which events do you plan to attend this year?

Helicopter Scale Masters California, Best in the West California, Top Gun Florida and Dalton Georgia