Vario Helicopter

Radio Controlled Model Helicopters

Francis Paduwat


What is your favorite engine?

Kontronic Pyro 800


Which RC system do you use?

Futaba FX40


What is your favorite Vario model and why?

Ecureuil AS350



Which models of Vario have you been possessing or flown so far?

Ecureuil, Alouette, BK117, Bell230, Robinson R22


Which is your favorite fly-in?

Vario Event and Heidelberg & HeliDays Enghien Belgium.


How long have you been a helicopter pilot?

6 Years


Which events do you plan to attend this year?

Heidelberg D, Pöting D, Vario Event D, Jet Power D, Hulten NL, Eibergen NL, 12 meetings in Belgium.