Vario Helicopter

Radio Controlled Model Helicopters

Vario Team


At the headquarters of Vario Helicopter in the heart of Germany are 16 employees who work in full and part time, the following are their tasks

  • Development of prototypes
  • Complete assembly of models
  • Development of models for series-production
  • Purchase of components
  • Packaging and production of parts and assemblies
  • Marketing and content management
  • Sales
  • After sales service
  • Exhibition/Fair appearances
  • Bookkeeping/accounting

For these we have a highly motivated team which perceives the tasks at Vario as a chance to obtain good quality of living. The people here work in a very friendly and conducive work environment on a variety of interesting assignments. The team strives to work for passionate customers, which provides the basis for good financial livelihood and necessary freedoms for the equally important private life.

We all work here gladly for our customers and the Vario model helicopters.