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Vario Helicopter


Vario Helicopter has been supplying scale helicopter models and trainers since 1974 and offers an excellent variety of spare parts. With steady development and increasing concentration on big, prototypical scale helicopters, Vario has become the biggest supplier in this segment.

There are in total 18 online shops for as many countries. Not only because of this but also many other activities, Vario was awarded the "Exportpreis Bayern" in the year 2009.

The name VARIO is based on the fact that a single system of mechanics can be used in many different types of scale model helicopters. The mechanics can be flown as a trainer and then later fitted into another model for flying i.e. Vario from variable, flexible. A variety of all possible combinations of drives, fuselages, rotor heads and other components has made Vario famous around the world.

The catalog, online shop and website give an overview of all the available products.

Dive into this fascinating hobby if you are not a passionate Vario model helicopter pilot yet. Visit a model sport event or a model sport club close by or also us and you would be overwhelmed to see how these things fly.