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Bell 430

Fuselage Kit // Petrol

The helicopter shown is fitted with optional scale accessories.


Build plan

Bell 430

When it comes to performance there are few helicopters that can match the full size Bell 430. It is at the top of its class, and it is often referred to as the flagship civilian helicopter in the range of Bell Helicopters.

Compared with the Bell 230 it is equipped with a 4 blade head, and been 0.45m longer it has a new cockpit and cabin design.

Fuselage Ord.No. 4300

  • 14-piece GFK fuselage
  • Window set
  • Stainless steel tube drive to tail incl. mountings
  • Retractable undercarriage
  • Laser cut wood formers
  • Various small parts

Technical Data

Scale 1:7,1
Length 1850 mm
Width 550 mm
Height 440 mm
Rotor 1680/1780 mm
Motor 23 qcm
Weight ca. 9,5 kg