Vario Helicopter

Radio Controlled Model Helicopters


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    Flying Buffet

    The buffet at an art exhibition was opened by a Lama hovering in a dramatic manner over the Red Bull Bar. This occasion was the idea of action artist Heiner Börger who is famous worldwide for taking spectacular photos of full size helicopters. Iwish to demonstrate the fascination of helicopter flight to our visitors in a similar authentic way. The Vario models fly so realistically over the buffet that it is a real joy to watch. They will be a attraction on their own at this unique event. We now have a limited amount of free tickets available. If you would like to attend and see the detailed models in this special surrounding please call and put your name down.


    2014, August, 6th-9th:

    Vario Helicopter nahm als Hersteller an der größten RC Heli-Veranstaltung der Welt, IRCHA, teil. Diese findet alljährlich im August in den USA, in Muncie, Bundesstaat Indiana, statt. 





    Rotor Live 2014

    Iffezheim 2014


    Gerade in der heutigen Zeit, in der wir von asiatischen Produkten förmlich überrollt werden, bin ich immer wieder froh einen heimischen Hersteller an der Spitze zu sehen.